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What Warranty can American fire hose mart offer?

All hoses supplied by have a guaranteed service life from one year up to ten years except for PVC layflat hoses, depending on the products. Barring mistreatment or accidental damage, such as would render the hose unfit for service. 

Warranty period:

EPDM lined hoses, 10 years warranty.

Nitrile rubber covered hoses, 5 years warranty.

PU lined hoses, 2 years.

PU covered hoses, 2 years.

Natural rubber lined hoses, 1 year.

Neoprene Lined hoses, 5 years.

SBR lined hoses, 1 year.

All hose shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the full warranty life. 

All fire hose is 100% immune to mildew or rotting.