About American Fire Hose Mart

American fire hose mart and Goldenvale Inc.

American fire hose mart is a professional fire hoses exchange center which is dedicated to supply the quality layflat hoses to North American market at economic prices. The quality hoses are manufactured in USA, Europe or China.

American fire hose mart is supported and operated by Goldenvale Inc.Knowledgeable and experienced fire hoses experts in Goldenvale inc. will be responsible for sourcing quality hoses and offer professional hoses solutions.

Operation Model

American fire hose mart coordniates with different fire hose manufacturers over the world. In order to supply hoses to customers at competitive prices, Goldenvale purchased out hoses directly from the manufacturers in large scale at comparative low prices and then supplies hoses to customers over North America at competitive prices.

American fire hose mart has close relationship with many manufacturers and big distributors. In order to serve different technical requirements of different applications, the experts from American fire hose mart cooperate with manufacturers of fire hoses to develop tailored hoses.

Goldenvale Inc. is responsible for sourcing, stocking, and deliverying etc.For less than container load order, all the hoses are delivered from Goldenvale warehouse which is located in Ontario, CA. For container load order, the hoses are directly delivered from our supplier.


American Fire Hose Mart

2041 S. Turner Ave., Ontario, CA 91761

Tel: 909-975-4488 * 203

Spot hoses and future hoses

American Fire Hose Mart supplies spot hoses stocked in its warehouse in Ontario, CA and future hoses which can be supplied in 4-8 weeks.

Future hoses are manufactured and then delivered from manufacturers after our customers made orders. Usually the future hoses can be received by customer in 4-8 weeks after PO is confirmed.

The interested manufacturers and distributors of fire hoses are welcomed to contact us to establish a layflat hose exchange center which extensively cover more manufacturers, distributors,and industries.